Sculpture (by division)

Division 1:  Paul Dalloz (1829-1887) and Edouard Desfossés (1848-1923), medallion; painter Gaston Béthune (1857-1897), medallion and painter’s palette by E. Muller; chemist Louis Possoz (1813-1887), bust by Andre A.; and painter Adolphe Yvon (1817-1893), bust;

Division 2: Marchant Charles-Deron Levent (1830-1911), medallion by Jeanne Itasse;

Division 4:  Cellist Louis R. Feuillard (1872-1941), medallion by G. Vallon;

Division 5: Mercat, statue of la Douleur grieving over the body of Christ?;

Division 6: Moiana family, chapel tomb with two caryatids guarding the tomb entrance and reliefs around the edge of the door;  Jeanne Pignet (1922-1925), medallion by Raymond Sudre; sculptor Elias Robert (1821-1874), medallion;

Division 7: Archeologist and historian Léon Heuzey (1831-1922), medallion;

Division 9: Regis Allier (1802-1878), medallion by Alfred Allier; and composer and pianist Pierre Zimmermann (1785-1853), medallion by Dubufe.