Sculpture (by division)

Division 1: Dancer and courtesan Emilienne Alençon (1870-1945), medallion of her above the entrance to a chapel tomb as well as life-size reliefs on either side of the door; Bardin family chapel with a relief of an angel ascending skyward above the entrance; and singer Jane Margyl (1862-1934) lovely statue group by François Sicard;

Division 2: German opera singer Lucienne Bréval (born Berthe Schilling, 1869-1935), relief depicting her role as Athena;

Division 6:  Composer Alfred Bruneau (1857-1934), two medallions: one of Alfred and the other of his wife; Alfred Christian chapel, medallion on the side; a bronze medallion by Jules Francheschi on the side of the Alfred Christian chapel tomb; Composer Lorenzo Pagans (1834-1883), bust by Ferdinand Leenhoff; Joseph Péladan (1858-1918) mosaic overlay on a slab tomb; Victor Rosé (1843-1892), medallion reportedly by Hector Guimard

Division 7: Painter Louis-Francois Billotey (1819-1884) and sculptor Lorenzo Colombo (1856-1885), upright enameled medallion of a child in a crib 

Division 8: Hippolyte Debroise (1888-1907), medallion; Cyclist Louis Trousselier (1881-1959), winner of 1905 Tour de France;

Division 9: Sports walker Émile Anthoine (1882-1969) and his father Marcel Anthoine (1845-1919), medallion of a man walking; journalist and writer André Dahl (Léon Kretz, 1886-1932), relief of André; painter Louis Soulié (1886-1974) striking statue of a woman seated on top of the upright headstone, reportedly depicting Clotaire Champy, by Christophe, who is buried in division 13, also on the side is a relief of Soulié himself;

Division 11: Funereal sculptor Henri Gréber (1854-1941), relief of la Pleureuse;

Division 12: Roy, medallion; poet and novelist Charles Valois (1820-1899), medallion by Auguste Fanniere;

Division 13: Sculptor Ernest-Aquilas Christophe (1827-1892), statue la Douleur; sculptor René Fache (), portrait medallion and statue depicting René at work, by Léon Fagel and Corneille Theunissen;

Division 16: Poet Léon Dierx (1838-1912), medallion;

Division 20: Felicie Berchère (1829-1905), wife of sculptor Charles Cordier, bust;

Division 21: Pauline Gin (1863-1912), la Pleureuse lying and weeping on the tomb by François Cogné

Division 25: General Maurice Pellé (1863-1924), portrait relief;

Division 26: Delhomme-Giusepp, la Douleur relief; painter and poster artist Maurice Neumont (1868-1930), architects Guy Robin (1889-1966) and Claude Robin (1919-1970), portrait medallion; portrait medallion; aviator Raymond Villechanoux (1899-1931);

Division 27: Poet, novelist and politician Léon Riotor (1865-1946), bust;

Division 28: Resistance leader Gilbert Vedy (1902-1944), arrested he committed suicide in prison before being interrogated, portrait medallion;

Division 30: Actor Charles Esquier (1871-1931), portrait medallion by Fontaine; Georges Reymondin (1867-1933), medallion by René Baudichon; opera singer Georges Vorelli (Georges Desmoulins, 1883-1932), portrait medallion by Pierre-Victor Dautel;

Division 32:  Writer Roger Lutigneaux (1894-1957), relief medallion; Papon, bust of a horse's head