5 rue sainte-hélène
Paris 75013
metro: Porte d'Italie, line 7 (Ivry)
Phone: +33 1 40 33 85 85
Guidemap (pdf)

Located in a largely residential section of the 13th arrondissement at the southern edge of historic Paris, Gentilly is nestled right alongside the peripherique ring road around the city. Still, it's a lovely  place for an afternoon stroll with several fascinating sculptures (by division):

  • 5 - Geneviéve Coudray (1929-1933) statue of a little girl
  • 5 - Blanche Fraysse (1848-1869) bust of a woman surrounded by four columns
  • 13 - Orchestra conductor Louis Millet (1859-1921) medallion depicting Millet conductin
  • 22 - Physician Paulin Mery (1860-1918) bust
  • 23 - French soldier, musician and occultist Jacob Theurge dit Zouave Jacob (1829-1913) bust by Fosse (pictured above)

Located at 5 Rue Sainte-Hélène in the 13th arrondissement. Take the no. 7 metro to Porte d'Italie and look for Blvd Kellermann as you exit the metro. Follow the blvd several blocks to rue Gouthiere and turn left, a block on it becomes rue Sainte-Hélène and the cemetery entrance is at no. 5 on your right. Alternatively, as you exit the metro you can cut through Parc Kellermann, crossing Poterne des Peupliers and look for rue Saint-Hélène.

1 Feb-1 Nov: 0800-1745 (8am-5:45pm)
2 Nov-31 Jan: 0800-1645 (8am-4:45pm)

Main entrance is on rue Sainte-Hélène and one at the "rear" of the cemetery on rue Louis Pergaud.

The conservation office in to the right of the main entrance. The WC is around and to the rear of the office.

Images provided by Steve Soper. All rights reserved.