There are 19 cemeteries within the 20 arrondissements or wards of Paris, but only 14 of those are operated by the city of Paris:

  1. Auteuil
  2. Batignolles
  3. Belleville
  4. Bercy
  5. Calvaire - no longer active
  6. Charonne
  7. Grenelle
  8. La Villette
  9. Montmartre
  10. Montparnasse
  11. Passy
  12. Père-Lachaise
  13. Saint-Vincent
  14. Vaugirard

Of the other five, Gentilly, Montrouge, Valmy and Saint-Mande are managed by local governments and Picpus in the 12th arr. is private. 

The city also manages six cemeteries beyond the limits of the peripherique, the beltway that rings the city: Bagneux, La Chapelle, Saint-Ouen, Pantin, d’Ivry, and Thiais.

There are a variety of other burial sites in the city, which can be found under the “Nontraditional” tab, including the Panthéon, Invalides, Catacombs, the Arc de Triomphe as well several rather unusual burial venues. 

Naturally there are a number of notable burials in city churches and those are noted here as well. Sadly, many of the burials and funereal monuments in churches were destroyed during the 1789 Revolution, especially Saint-Denis. The good news is that some were saved by the selfless work of Alexandre Lenoir and many have ended up in Louvre while quite a few of the incredible sculptures in Saint-Denis remain in place.

One last thing, this website is concerned only with those burial sites within the 20 arrondissements.