18 avenue de la porte de Montrouge
Paris 75014
metro: Porte d'Orleans, LINE 4
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Located on the edge of Paris in the 14th arrondissement and up against the busy peripherique, Montrouge is known as the "communist" cemetery given its strong working place background. The incredibly talented photographer Robert Doisneau spent much of his life photographing the suburb of Montrouge.

Although it lacks the cachet of its more famous neighbor to the north, Montparnasse Cemetery, Montrouge does have some intriguing sculptures (by division): 

  • 4 - Cherbonnier, unique quadruple portrait medallion showing four family members being led away by Death holding a scythe
  • 16 - Jean Curillon (1902-1925) portrait medallion of Jean, also a life-size shrouded statue sitting on top of the tomb
  • 16 - Jonchery, statue of a young woman seated clasping her hands around her feet
  • 19 - Unknown, bust of a man on a pedestal
  • 23 - Laure Gilles (1884-1895) statue of a young girl praying)
  • 23 - Mengue, statue of a woman comforting a young child
  • 25 -  Dumoulin, relief of a woman lifting a bouquet of flowers skyward while two infants at her feet reach up to her
  • 26 - Dubois, relief
  • 28 - French fencing champion Alphonse Kirchoffer (1873-1913) medallion by G. Dubois 1913
  • 28 - Putois, relief of 8 mourners
  • 34 - Pean, bust of a 19th century woman
  • 51 - Hungarian sculptor Étienne Béothy (1897-1961) curious sculpture composed of six-narrow columns of varying heights
  • 55 - Felix-Pierre Frantz (1851-1929) bust of a man with enormous moustaches
  • 55 - Emmanuel-Jean Dolivet (1854-1910) statue of la Douleur kneeling
  • 58 - Madeleine Jubier (1901-1924) medallion of Madeleine on her deathbed by Jubier
  • 66 - Aviator Maurice Arnoux (1895-1940) a bust of Maurice in betrween two enornous upright wings

Located at 18 avenue Porte-de-Montrouge. Take the metro to Porte d'Orleans and after exiting look for Blvd Brune. Follow the blvd away from Porte d'Orleans two short blocks to avenue de la Porte-de-Montrouge. Turn left, walk one block and the cemetery will be on your right.

There are two entrances, both off of avenue de la Porte-de-Montrouge.

The conservation office and WC is located at the main entrance; this is the entrance furthest from Porte d'Orleans along avenue de la Porte-de-Montrouge

Images provided by Steve Soper. All rights reserved.