Victimes des révolutions (Mur des Fédérés)

In my last post I put up a photo of the "Mur des Fédérés" in division 76 of Pere Lachaise cemetery. That particular part of the cemetery is dotted with monuments to the tens of thousands of deported Jews, heroes of the French resistance during World War Two and to the many of France's most famous leaders of the Left.

One of the more interesting pieces commemorating those who died during revolutions is not inside the cemetery, but in a small, largely ignored park just outside the cemetery walls, running along Avenue Gambetta.

This incredible piece of sculpture by Paul Moreau-Vauthier, who, by the way, is buried in Division 14 of Pere Lachaise.

As you exit the Pere Lachaise metro, you'll see the cemetery walls bear to the left as you cross the street and walk up Avenue Gambetta for about 100m or so and you'll see the entrance to the little "jardin" on your right; just walk in and follow the cemetery wall for about another 50m or so and you'll see this incredible bit of sculpture.