Postcard from Paris: Bibesco and Noailles

Located in D28 along Chemin Dragon is this incredible work of art, the final resting place of Georges-Démètre Bibesco (1804-1873), Romanian prince of Wallachia, Marie Vacaresco madame Bibesco (1815-1859), and their grand-niece Anna de Brancovan comtesse de Noailles (1876-1933), Romanian-French poet.

The dramatic exterior hints at the stunning interior of this large chapel tomb: three large frescoes depicting religious themes stretch across the back half of the circular structure and a relief with two angels kneeling and praying one on either side of a portrait of a woman and dedicated to Marie Bibesco is found just below the altar.

Sculptor/artists: Eugène Oudine (relief) and Jean-Baptiste-Auguste Leloir (frescoes). 

Note the change in the doors -- from a solid (bronze?) to clear glass. View c. 1900:


and in 2011. . . 

courtesey wikimedia

courtesey wikimedia