Back in Père-Lachaise


I spent last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at Père-Lachaise updating my guide to the artwork in the cemetery as well as my forthcoming book on listing the earliest burials. Next Mayday, 1 May, I'll return to spend time with Marie and Carolyn exploring more of the cemetery's secrets.

Last week I also had the pleasure of meeting -- at long last -- someone who's work I have relied on to help locate and frequently clarify grave locations: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin. His is not only the driving force behind the Wikimedia project to post several thousands photos of the cemetery division-by-division but he is also the manager of the Wikimedia Cheese Project (you have got to see this to believe it) and is a phenomenal sports photographer. He and I spent Thursday afternoon tracking down several graves I need to find. Learn more about Pierre right here.