Views of Pont Caulaincourt

Since it was first constructed in 1888, the views overlooking the viaduct that carries rue Caulaincourt over Montmartre Cemetery have intrigued visitors and photographers alike. In fact, at least a half dozen views of the bridge have been used as postcards highlighting the viaduct as an attraction in and of itself. Also a nice set of snapshots of daily life in this part of Paris.


The importance of documenting sculpture with photography: Halevy in Montmartre

A wonderful piece of sculpture in division 3 of Montmartre Cemetery by the noted artist François Duret: statue of the music composer Fromental Halévy in division 3 is now gone, replaced by just the original (?) bust, a truncated bit of stone. 

Tomb, c. 1900:

and today. . . 

and today. . .