Hittorff and Lèpere in Montmartre

Jacques-Ignace Hittorff (1792-1867) and his father-in-law Jean-Baptiste Lèpere (1761-1844) both French architects.

The following print is from Monuments funéraires choisis dans les cimetières de Paris et des principales villes de France, 2nd part, 1863, by L. Normand ainé; plate 70. The photo following is from c. 2003.


And this is the tomb c. 2003:


Delaroche in Montmartre

Louise Vernet madame Delaroche (1814-1845), wife of painter Hippolyte de la ROCHE, dit Paul DELAROCHE, (1797-1856) and daughter of painter Horace Vernet (1789-1863) and Louise Pujol (1789-1858). The small gothic-style tomb is the work of Jacques-Félix Duban, (1797-1870), architect. Inside note the medallion of Louise.

Here's how her tomb looked originally:


And here's how it looks today:

photo: Wikimedia

photo: Wikimedia

photo: Wikimedia

photo: Wikimedia