Dupotet de Sennevoye in Montmartre

Denis-Jules, baron Dupotet de Sennevoye (1796-1881) in D23. Practitioner of homeopathy and mesmerism.
Description: Bust of Denis on a pedestal in front of a large upright stone (both now gone); also note the cryptic symbol on the lower reverse side of the upright stone, consisting of an eye inside a triangle and both inside a sun shooting out rays of light with the words “Posse, Velle, Credere”, one on each side of the triangle.
Sculptor: Léopold Bracony.
Jouin 1897, p. 241 and 1902, p. 299.

This bust has been long gone but we now have an idea what it originally looked like:


Then and Now: Béclard in division 8 of Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Pierre-Auguste Béclard (1785–1825) and his son, Jules-Auguste Béclard (1817–1887), French physicians. Pierre was also professor of anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and chief surgeon at the hôpital de la Pitié. Sculptor: Théophile-François-Marcel Bra (Pierre’s bust) and Gustave Crauk (Jules’s bust). In 1832, when Quaglia sketched the tomb, only Pierre's bust was up (obviously) but note the pedestal transcription was somewhat different from what is there today: