division 7

Man Ray's Grave Defaced in Montparnasse Cemetery

You can read more about this right here in The Guardian.

Located in division 7 - before:

photo © by Steve Soper

photo © by Steve Soper


photo courtesy of  the Guardian

photo courtesy of the Guardian

The debris and pieces of upright have been removed and just the name Man Ray spelled out in rocks is the only identification on the slab tomb. Presumably the conservation has removed the pieces and hopefully the uprights will be restored in short order.

Then and now: Heloïse ands Abelard division 7 Père-Lachaise Cemetery

You know the story: boy meets girl, boy gets girl pregnant, girl's rich uncle arranges for boy to be castrated, boy becomes famous philosopher and teacher, girl becomes abbess, they are united at long last in death.

This tomb, constructed from stones, rescued by the indomitable Alexandre Lenoir, stones that once made up the abbey where Heloïse was abbess and where Abelard reportedly died is one of the most striking examples of gothic funereal architecture in the cemetery. It has also been one of the most visited, painted, sketched and written about gravesites in Paris.












and today:

Then and now: Reicha division 7 Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Antoine-Joseph Reicha (1770–1836). Czech music composer and professor of music. Relief with a bust of Reicha in the top center; a winged cherub plays the lyre to his right and to his left Euterpe, Muse of Music, holds two flutes, one in each hand, and turns to look at Reicha. 
Sculptor: Dominique Molchneth. Print c. 1937:

. . .  and today, before cleaning:

and after: