6 rue lucien gaulard
Paris 75018
metro: lamarck-caulaincourt, LINE 12
phone: +33 1 46 06 29 78

Opened in 1831 and located on the backside of the butte on which sits Sacre Coeur, the 1.5-acre Saint-Vincent cemetery contains sculptures of both flights of fancy and whimsy.  As a result of its hidden location, the cemetery is often overlooked by the casual tourist eager to explore the wonders of nearby Montmartre. For the curious traveler, it can be a haven of respite from the press of tourist flesh on the Place du Tertre.

Notable burials:

  • 2 - Sculptor and painter Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse (1848-1913)
  • 9 - actor Harry Baur (1880-1843)
  • 14 - Caricaturist Théophile Steinlen (1859-1923)

Sculpture (by division):

  • 4 - Unknown double portrait medallion 
  • 4 - painter Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955) statue of a woman
  • 7 - Candido di Faria (1849-1911) relief of a woman by Charpentier 9 -  painter A. E. Guillez (1884-1916) bust
  • 8 - Jane Danjou dit Jeanne Decron (1885-1926 bust) 9 - Defradas relief of two figures in ancient dress 
  • 8 - music critic René Dusmenil (1879-1967) incredible group of one young woman lifting another skyward 
  • 9 - Bieber (life-size statue of a man seated holding a book in his left hand and resting his head on his right hand)
  • 9 - Bussoz seated angel with hands clasped together by G. Thomassen
  • 12 - Claire Mars (1880-1903) bust of Claire above the entrance to a chapel tomb
  • 13 - Platon (1888-1968) and Papuoe (1903-1961) Argyriades (curious relief of a man and a woman peering out a window onto the world
  • 14 - M. E. Bunier madame Pascal (d. 1848) statue of a woman with a dog laying at her feet

Located at 6 rue Lucien Gaulard. Exit the metro at Lamarck Metro stop and turn 180-degrees and walk up the stairs above the metro entrance. Cross rue Caulaincourt and you'll see tiny rue Lucien Gaulard on your left and the entrance to the cemetery a few meters beyond.

Only the one on rue Lucien Gaulard.

There is a guard shack and small conservator's office on the left as you enter. Just past the office on the left is the WC.

Images provided by Steve Soper. All rights reserved.