320 rue lecourbe
Paris 75015
metro: LOURMEL, LINE 8
phone: +33 1 45 57 26 30

Originally opened in 1787, the 3.7-acres of Vaugirard Cemetery is the final resting place for many of the soldiers and sailors who died at nearby Hôtel des Invalides.

Sculptures (by division):

  • 2 - Lawyer, journalist and militant Royalist Georges Calzant (1897-1962) tall block of black stone with two carved reliefs
  • 4 - Palmyre Antonelli madame Attenni (4, 1850-1930) and Pierre Attenni (4, 1844-1933) two portrait medallions and one life-size la Douleur dropping a rose on the tomb
  • 6 - Antony Cottes (1871-1915) statue of a woman seated holding the head of a dying (or dead) man by Raymond Sudre, also a medallion by Denys Puech
  • 7 - Ernest Berger (7, 1889-1925) bust by Maxime Real del Sartre
  • 7 - Jacquin life-size statue of a woman with head bowed and holding her two hands together as if in prayer
  • 12 - Michel Baroin (1930-1987) abstract statue of a face striving to look skyward by Jacques Pellan
  • 14 - Monier bust
  • 18 - Moriette bust of a woman

Located at 320 rue Lecourbe. Exit the Balard metro and walk up avenue Felix Faure (follow the lower numbers) a block or two to either rue Faure or rue Maridor, turn right and follow the street to rue Lecourbe. Turn right again and the cemetery entrance is on the right just a few short meters away.

One entrance off of rue Lecourbe.

The conservation office is on your left as you enter the cemetery; the WC is on the side and to the rear of the building.

Images provided by Steve Soper. All rights reserved.